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Unique: Lectures at your (own) location
Photo: Jetty Sporken
We are happy that music lectures can take place again, so do not hesitate to contact me.
Call 06 542 560 18 or mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Luistervinken PLT Heerlen

  • 22.02.22
    7:30 p.m.: Luistervinken 'Music Noted'
  • 11.03.22
    20:00 Mozarteum Salzburg with Lucas and Arthur Jussen
    19:00 hrs: Introduction Toine
  • 15.03.22
    15:00: Luistervinken on 'Image and Sound' (film music)
    7:30 pm: Luistervinken on 'Sound and Vision' (film music)
  • 17.03.22
    20:00 o'clock: philharmonie zuidnederland: At the movies
    19:00 introduction Toine

Luistervinkjes PLT Heerlen

  • 16.04.22
    2:00 pm: Listener's note Love you, liebe dich, ti amo (for children ages 7 and up plus (grand)parents)

Luistervinkjes 2020 Heerlen

Clip Luistervinkjes on tour

Sporken Leitmotiv